Educate School Admissions Depts.

I obtained my BS in biochemistry in 2004, and then went looking for a PhD program for a decade in the field of cancer biology. Despite a great undergraduate record, including 3 years of novel research, good GRE scores, etc., I never got into one of them. Right now I am beginning to study rehabilitation counseling at Auburn University (my third master's degree program; finished the previous two in biology and public health) before my doctoral program in rehabilitation and special education.


Many times the social fit the admissions departments look for in an incoming student is impossible for someone with a neuropsychological disability, despite the scientific field being riddled with these kinds of PWD's. This sort of informal discrimination shouldn't be allowed. Many times the people with Asperger's/ASD/ADHD/bipolar/etc. make the best scientists, and to prevent them from getting the education they need to succeed is just cruel to the country and to the people denied their proper opportunity.


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