Employer Education on Interview Process

My student has said that he has gone to interviews, and when the interviewers saw him in person, they assumed that he could not perform certain physical tasks. They were unaware that "" had already certified him to be competent at his task. (Forgive me for not giving more specifics on, I am writing as the student is sitting besides me, and I want to get these thoughts down--I'll try to provide more information on later)


Bottom line: this student has gone through an evaluation process to certify that he could preform certain tasks, and then was given a list of potential jobs for which he was able to perform tasks. He applied to these jobs. The employer assumed he could not do them, simply by looking at this student in his wheelchair. There is a disconnect between what the is saying what he can do, and what employers understand what he can do.


The (potential) fix: Educate employers that if a certain certified organization such as sends a potential PWD employee to them, that these people are able to fulfill job requirements.


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